When you think of crushers, you probably think of huge monstrosities of metal used in quarries and mines to break up rocks. You would be right!

However, the conventional crusher is a heavy machine that is set up in one area of a site. They usually take hours to erect to set up and to decommission for moving.

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The crushing sector is in a period of disruption and it is down to the mobility of crushers. Mobile crushers are set to be the future of large scale crushing.


Mobile crushers have been around for a number of years, however, large scale crushers are now becoming mobile meaning quarries and mining operations now need to invest in one large crusher rather than a number of the small crushers.

The large scale crushers can generate a huge output on a daily basis compared to having 4 small crushers for example.


Manufacturers such as Sandvik and Extec have become the leaders in this type of large mobile crusher that is set to disrupt the quarrying industry.

Quarries in the US, Russia and mines in Australia have become the early adopters of this machinery and have seen a growth in their material output, which in turn, increases profits.


Other technologies are becoming popular in this same sector including mapping and detection for rock strength, which is essential for safety in the mining sector.

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